The Terrible Old Woman

 after hearing a local legend, three career criminals break into an old woman's house in search of a treasure.
winner of several 2022 awards including best actor, best production design and best horror short, The terrible old woman is an adaptation of h.p. lovecraft's Terrible Old man. 

The thrilling conclusion of a murder mystery we seem to be missing the beginning of. Winner of Best Comedy at the 2018 Austin Micro-short film festival "Aha!" Is a zany laugh with fantastic characters.
A Young Girl looks back on her final days with her father.
Worst Enemy: East Cameron Folkcore

Austin TX Local band East Cameron Folkcore debuted this video on German MTV. Filmed with fans of the band as extras and with a single light, this was an incredibly fun video to be apart of.
Paper Cuts
Old wounds are re-opened as a young woman revisits her old town for her mothers second marriage. She's moved past her traumas but has everyone else?

Proof of concept short for a feature.
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