Boner Bizzarre: Down with the Sickness
Let the BONER BIZARRE surgeons take you on a BLOODY adventure of medical mishaps, as told by your favorite sex-crazed FREAK SHOW PERFORMERS! From biological warfare to plastic surgery disasters, this Halloween rendition of BONER BIZARRE will nurse you back to life... are you DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS?
Sirens of the Deep - A Velvet Knox Production
 The siren is waiting for you... dare you heed her call?
Below this, only darkness, and an awareness of the depth of the void beneath you.
Featuring pole, burlesque, belly dance, and hoop performances 
brought to you by the denizens of the deep...
ElectroSeXXXual - A SoFly Social Production
ElectroSEXXXUAL! A glow-in-the-dark event with pounding electronic and synth beats to get you both on your feet and ready to bask in the brilliance of illuminated ladies in the air!
This fantastic performance showcase features student and instructor performances on pole, Lyra and dance.
Resurrect the Erection! - A Boner Bizarre Productions

BONER BIZARRE is an XXXtreme erotic variety show featuring filthy performance art, pole dancing, neo-burlesque, aerials, contortion, a bed of nails, glass walking, fire breathing, rope bondage, fetish play, comedy, drama, and all things PERVERSE, GROTESQUE, and SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE. In other words, John Waters's bachelorette party set amidst the back alleys of Amsterdam's Red Light District.
Come witness a show unlike anything you've EVER SEEN BEFORE--the spectacle that can only be BONER BIZARRE.
Boner Bizarre: A Valentine's Day Massacre Promos
Social Media Promos for the raunchiest show in Austin!
Thank you!

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