Camp Castle Play Mats
Designed after the old play arpets for kids in the 80's, Camp Castle Play Mats reached their crowd-funding goal of $30,000 on their first day!

Director + Director of Photography + Assistant Editor
Uplift Desk
Uplift desk is one of the leading companies in sit-stand desks and ergonomic office tools and furniture. I was the Brand Videographer and voice for over a year and produced product and explainer videos.

Brand Videographer is the best website to find new opportunities to in the service industry while keeping up to date with your network. 
Instructional videos made for both mobile and computer.

Texas Sake
the only sake hand-made in the lone star state. a short promotional video made at their onsite tasting room off of north Lamar blvd.
Brand Videographer
Cap Metro "Out Late?"
Promoting later hours for their buses, cap metro featured this promo on their social media pages.
Director of Photography
Casper Mattress
One of the top selling mattress companies of all time, short historical video made for Casper Mattress.
Director of Photography
the leader in Human flight with it's headquarters located in Austin Texas, their lead team does a 4 way demonstration inside of the 50-foot vertical wind tunnel.
Director + Assistant Editor
Thank you!

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